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Chimney Rebuild Options

chimney rebuild serviceYour masonry chimney is exposed to outer elements. Therefore, its cracking and damaging are only a matter of time. Water leaks, strong winds, and heavy rainfall could lead to different problems. Rebuilding it is a serious job that should be handled by an experienced chimney contractor. What can he do for you?

A partial chimney rebuild project is considered when only certain areas and parts are damaged. For instance, it could have a few missing or broken bricks. In such cases, an expert will remove the bricks from the affected area and replace them with new ones. This task is also planned for smaller and simpler flues. Other similar projects¬†are flashing the area or completely rebuilding. This¬†is executed when your chimney suffers more serious and major issues, such as substantial mortar and brick deterioration. Your chimney’s structural integrity will be restored by tearing down all the bricks to the flashing line and new flashing and bricks are installed. A new crown is added too.


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